Downtown Grows

Downtown Grows

1/10/19 – Cyber Center’s second building, the Shaffer MacCartney Building, holds ribbon cutting. Governor Nathan Deal cut the ribbon.

3/20/19 – TaxSlayer headquarters ribbon cutting at 945 Broad St.

4/5/19 – Hyatt House on Broad Street opens.

5/9/19 – Springfield Village Park Foundation, Inc. sells two properties along Jones Street to a private developer.

5/10/19 – Augusta & Co. opens. It is a new concept in travel and hospitality to welcome visitors and locals to Augusta.

6-12/19 – Joint meetings with Augusta Tomorrow, North Augusta, City of Augusta and Georgia Department of Transportation established the desire for more than just a bridge replacement for the 13th Street Bridge. Discussions included making the bridge an iconic structure between Augusta and North Augusta, adding bicycle and pedestrian lanes on the Bridge and connecting to the North Augusta Greeneway and the Augusta Riverwalk and Augusta Canal Trail.

7/30/19 – Beacon Station apartments opens on Wrightboro Road and R.A. Dent Blvd. This is a 221 unit market rate apartment complex.

12/16/19 – 13th Street Bridge funding on the final Transportation Investment Act (TIA) II listing.

10/24/19 – Fabrication of Springfield Village Park plaques completed by Winsor Fireform.

10/28/19 – Augusta Tomorrow’s Cyber Video, Augusta GA Cyber, distributed

12/7/19 – Millhouse Station, a new 155-unit development on 11th and Fenwick Streets unveiled.