1/3/2010: Augusta Tomorrow board member, Clayton Boardman III, renovated Sutherland Mill. This 56,000 square-foot mill was once home to yarn-making and cotton storage. Its renovation created medical-office space.

2/3/2010: The groundbreaking for The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, bounded by Broad and Eve Streets and the Augusta Canal, was held.

3/2010: The Harrisburg Master Plan Implementation Team established an Augusta branch of the Fuller Center for Housing with the mission of revitalizing Harrisburg by capitalizing on rehabilitating the vacant and abandoned housing stock through volunteer labor, and making it available for sale to people with modest but steady incomes.

3/19/2010: The Augusta Museum of History officially unveiled the relocation of the six golfing sculptures previously displayed at the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame’s Botanical Gardens. Donors had paid $250,000 for the commission and maintenance of each of the six statues with the understanding that the sculptures were meant for public display.

  • Bobby Jones, co-founder of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament.
    Donor: Callaway Golf Company.
  • Arnold Palmer, Masters Champion.
    Donor: Bankers First Corporation
  • Jack Nicklaus, Masters Champion.
    Donor: Morris Communications Company
  • Ben Hogan, Masters Champion.
    Donor: Georgia Power’s East Region Office in Augusta and regional Vice President Tommy Stone, who retired in 2002.
  • Byron Nelson, Masters Champion.
    Donor: The Creel foundation, an Augusta-based philanthropic organization whose founder, Howard Creel, was a friend of Nelson’s and a fellow golfer.
  • Raymond Floyd, Masters Champion.
    Donor: Club Car Inc.

5/25/2010: The City of Augusta was selected to receive a $50,000 GATEway Grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation to enhance the right-of-way along the Doug Barnard Parkway in front of the Messerly Wastewater Treatment Center. Augusta Tomorrow board members assisted the City in the grant application process.

6/2/2010: Georgia Golf Hall of Fame was officially abolished via Georgia Senate Bill 449. The amateur Georgia State Golf Association won permission from the state to continue the banquets and induction of new honorees into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, use the name and trademarks and display the memorabilia from the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame at its Marietta headquarters.

6/6/2010: The Trade, Exhibit & Event (TEE) Convention Center groundbreaking occurred and construction began.

6/25/2010: The Augusta Richmond County Public Library Headquarters, located at the corner of 9th Street and Telfair Street, opened. Augusta Tomorrow assisted the library in obtaining a Master Plan rendering in Plexiglas for display in the library stairwell.

8/2010: The Augusta-Harrisburg Fuller Center for Housing branded their initiative as “Turn Back the Block.”

8/3/2010: The City of Augusta approved an Agreement between the Georgia Department of Economic Development on behalf of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Authority and Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Commission to transfer the right, title and interest of the six golfing sculptures to the City of Augusta – Raymond Floyd, Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Byron Nelson, Jackie Nicklaus and Ben Hogan.

9/1/2010: The $30 million St. Sebastian Way roadway opened. The $4 million railroad funding requested by Rep. Barnard and Senators Nunn and Mattingly in 1986 was subsequently approved and used to help build St. Sebastian Way. This roadway ran from Riverwatch Parkway to Reynolds Street and Jones Street to Walton Way.

9/7/2010: The Augusta Commission agreed to move the sculpture of Raymond Floyd from the Augusta Museum of History to the Augusta Regional Airport for a one year renewable loan.

9/10/2010: Walton Communities from Atlanta, Georgia and the Augusta Housing Authority broke ground for a new Sand Bar Ferry development – The Legacy at Walton Oaks Apartments – a 75 room senior apartment complex located at 602 Fairhope Street off of Sand Bar Ferry Road in East Augusta. This new development replaced old Underwood Homes housing and was consistent with the 2009 Master Plan.