Augusta’s downtown core is the defining heart of the region’s urban area and includes the city blocks bounded by 15th and 5th Streets, the riverfront and the Third Level of the Augusta Canal and North Augusta. This area includes the original shopping core for the entire region and, while constantly evolving with the expansion of the suburbs, it remains the center for many new restaurants, bars, specialty shopping and live entertainment including two new hotels being built in 2017.  Downtown Augusta is also becoming a cyber hub. A Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center broke ground on 6/19/2017 and a ribbon cutting is expected in the summer of 2018 at the former Georgia Golf Hall of Fame property. Many cyber companies are relocating to downtown Augusta to be close to this new center that will boast a “cyber range.”

The urban core also boasts two downtown parks – The Augusta Common and Springfield Village Park. The Augusta Common hosts activities and festivals almost every weekend throughout the year. Springfield Village Park, with its two iconic sculptures, is being finalized and will showcase the historical Springfield Village and Springfield Baptist Church.

The downtown core remains a vital office district and a major center of employment for the region. Residential apartment/loft living is usually at 98% capacity, and new apartments/lofts in historic buildings are continually being built out.

The central downtown core is constantly evolving, and the projects delineated in the Master Plan are just a few of the current core activities.