January 2001: Augusta Tomorrow, Inc. unveiled the Augusta 2000 City Center Master Plan Update. Following is a listing of some of the items that were included in this update:

  • Facilitate establishing a quality elementary school in the city center
  • Promote city center housing opportunities
  • Facilitate performing arts center initiatives
  • Consider building a new downtown parking deck
  • Coordinate various organizations’ master plans into a comprehensive plan
  • Continue development of projects that “land” on the Riverwalk
  • Build a new Judicial Center
  • Build a new Central Library
  • Develop the 500 block north side of Reynolds Street – the train depot site
  • As a long-range proposal, consider creating a facility that houses compatible agencies working on economic development in one place

3/31/2001: The grand opening of the Augusta Golf & Gardens, home of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, took place. The Augusta Golf & Gardens was later known as the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Botanical Gardens. Due to many circumstances, the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Botanical Gardens closed on 6/30/2007 and was officially abolished by Georgia Senate Bill 449 on 6/2/2010.

5/15/2001: The Augusta 2000 City Center Master Plan Update was approved by the Augusta Commission.

6/1/2001: Camille A. Price assumed position of Executive Director for Augusta Tomorrow, Inc.

October 2001: The Country Suites Hotel opened on the Augusta Riverwalk.