About This Project

Time: First Phase of the project completed in April 2014. Phase II completed in April 2015.

Details: The Doug Barnard Parkway is the road that takes visitors from the Augusta Regional Airport to I-520 (Bobby Jones Expressway) and downtown, and is the first impression many people have of Augusta.

In January 2013, the Augusta Commission voted to accept the transfer of ownership and maintenance of Doug Barnard Parkway from the Georgia Department of Transportation. That vote paved the way for implementing beautification plans that enhance the main airport terminal, the new general aviation terminal for private aircraft and improve visitors’ first impression as they arrive in Augusta.

The scope of work for Doug Barnard Parkway included airport driveway entrances and the medians between the Augusta Regional Airport and Bobby Jones Expressway with irrigation, drainage and plant material. Because of the scale and expense of this project, it was designed for implementation in phases. Phase I included the area between the Airport main entrance and Lock and Dam Road, and was completed prior to April of 2014 when thousands of visitors travel through the airport into the CSRA to attend the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament. Project design, procurement, construction and maintenance followed similar guidelines adhered to in the previously completed Wheeler Road, St. Sebastian Way and Alexander Drive projects. Phase II completed the medians between Dixon Airline Road and Lock and Dam Road and was completed in April 2015. This area was enhanced to include irrigation, drainage, trees and shrubs.

All donated funds are designated for the cost of construction and the on-going weekly landscape maintenance insuring the continued beauty of the corridor.

Progress: Phases I & II completed. Phase I completed in 2014. Phase II completed in 2015.