About This Project

The Big Idea: Beautify the roadway built by the Georgia Department of Transportation

Details: The St. Sebastian Way Roadway was originally envisioned by Augusta Tomorrow in the mid-1990s, at which time board members started discussing this new roadway with the Georgia Department of Transportation. Over the years, there were many ideas for the correct routes for this road. The basic need for this road development always remained the same:

1. To improve traffic to the Medical District from the west and bypass local railroad tracks;

2. To provide a new and more direct connection between the Medical District and the downtown urban core; and

3. To facilitate development of the Medical District along this new roadway.

This $30 million road officially opened to traffic in September 2011, and quickly changed the traffic patterns in the downtown area. On 3/8/2012, the final piece of this roadway was completed and open to traffic – 15th Street Bridge over the Augusta Canal.

Road building plans from the Georgia Department of Transportation do not include landscaping or roadside maintenance. Due to this, the medians along St. Sebastian Way had become choked with weeds. The Gateways & Corridors Committee convened stakeholder meetings in 2011 to discuss how best to rectify this situation and beautify this new roadway. This roadway beautification project, that included irrigation in the medians, was completed in 2012 and continues to be maintained on a weekly basis.

Progress: The project was finished in the spring of 2012 and continues to be maintained.