About This Project

The Big Idea: Strategically located. With thoughtful development atop the bluff, this area can have a major impact on the city of North Augusta


This region consists of large swaths of rolling, forested undeveloped land atop the bluff. The proximity to The River Club golf course and riverfront community as well as the North Augusta Greeneway makes East Buena Vista Avenue an important ‘image-making’ roadway into the Town Center.The extensive frontage along East Martintown Road provides opportunity for a large scale retail center to be sited in this area. Also, with the completion of the I-520 extension to I-20, this interchange at the eastern end of this district is becoming a major gateway into both Augusta and North Augusta.Because of the high potential of this area, it is recommended that current zoning be reviewed and modified and urban design guidelines should be drawn up to take full advantage of this area. The Master Plan sets forth an initial set of recommendations for a new East Buena Vista Village to include large retail shopping, single-family and higher residential development and an overlook with connections to the Greeneway and Hamburg on the river.

Progress: Future development.